Introducing the most technologically advanced Laser Screed® available.

Full-time electrical system diagnostics - alerts the operator instantly should an electrical fault occur within wires, switches, connectors, etc., and suggests a fault location.


Full-time hydraulic system diagnostics - provides hydraulic system information to the operator regarding system and manifold pressures, supply and return filter conditions, and hydraulic oil level and temperature.


Full-time engine performance diagnostics - alerts the operator instantly should a fault or engine concern occur. Provides engine operating parameters to the operator.


Joystick steering - the operator can steer the machine without releasing his grip on the joystick controllers for enhanced operator ergonomics.


Auto stabilizers - preset stabilizer-extend and retract positions saves time with each set-up of the machine for screeding pass.


Operator-adjustable - preset boom travel, boom rotate, and head rotate speed settings for accurate and repeatable operator control.






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