Line Pump

57m Concrete Pump

This lightweight design (under 94,000 lbs) is mounted on a 5 axle chassis. The 6th section of the 57S-6RZ boom is 4.5 meters (15ft.) long, designed to allow the ability to reach three floors higher than any other 57 meter boom on the market when pumping elevator and/or core walls prior to requiring crane and bucket placement. The 6th section combined with the 360° rotation pedestal, and operator friendly HBC radio remote controls, creates a high performance big boom pump that provides higher pump utilization.


The DY Concrete Pump 57m is THE pump choice for large scale pours.


56m Concrete Pump

Now, you can get the reach of the 50-meter class you couldn’t get before because of weight restrictions. With a five-section boom, the 56Z still comes in at less than 100,000 pounds, giving you more options in a 50-meter class vehicle. The innovative, compact design gives you a lighter unit with a small footprint that still has a vertical reach of 181 feet 1 inch and 163 feet 9 inches of horizontal reach with the usual flexibility, strength, and dependability.

55m Concrete Pump

The 55 Meter 5 Section provides the articulation you need to reach those top floors on high-rise construction projects, and gives you maximum versatility when pouring floors and large slabs.

42m Concrete Pump

Designed with the operator in mind, the  42Z delivers greater payload capacity, and longer pump life to increase job-site performance. Weighing in at less than 66,000 pounds and with thirty percent more deck space, there is plenty of capacity for job site equipment, water and fuel, as well as space to comfortably move around the deck.

38Zm Concrete Pump

The innovative 38Z-5-Meter features a completely brand new design for its five-section boom arm and pedestal for increased manoeuvrability, a reduced boom unfolding height, reduced overall weight, and a more user-friendly design. With the easy addition of a tag axle, the unit becomes frost-law-compliant to meet your job site needs year-round.

37m Concrete Pump

Dynamic's has a concrete pump for every project size. The 37m offers the benefits of a larger boom, with a smaller truck. The ideal pump truck for the medium sized projects that are tight on room.

33m Concrete Pump

 The 33 Meter ZZ Boom is a specialist in working inside existing structures, due to its low unfolding height. It also works well under bridge decks, power-lines or any other situation where the operator has to deal with overhead obstructions.

Truck Mounted Line Pump

Our Line Pumps are capable of so much, from medium rise and high rise construction or large warehouses and big slabs; these pumps have the volume and pressure you need to accomplish it all.

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