Super Flat Floors

When General Contractors and owners require "SuperFlat Concrete Floors" they choose Dynamic Concrete because:

A) Dynamic provides a written guarantee that we will meet and or exceed your levelness and flatness specification always. As failure is not an option when pouring concrete and we maintain a 100% customer satisfaction level always


B) Dynamic specializes in the placement of concrete with  F-Min tolerances


C) Dynamic’s 35 years of experience and continued training and education and investments in the latest techniques and equipment provide every day customers with higher FF/FL performances and better quality concrete floors


D) Dynamic’s fleet of late model laser screeds ensures we can successfully install pour volumes exceeding 60,000 per pour per day and when all four screeds are busy we can install in excess of 200,000 sqft per day


E) Dynamic uses the latest technology (FF FL measuring device) superflat profiler. With our Quality Control Team we can measure our results and track daily pour results and monitor projects on a daily and monthly basis to completion providing our customers with flatness records ensuring we continue to provide high performance floors


F) Dynamic has the industry reputation as the best superflat team and when you combine our extensive knowledge and expertise we provide solutions to all aspects of "High Performance" concrete floors. Ask us for a reference list but be prepared it’s a long list.


G) Dynamic can install the formwork required to achieve high FF FL and F min flooring


SuperFlat Form Work

Steel Fibre Concrete or Rebar

Placing and Finishing

•FF/FL Floor Flatness Testing


At Dynamic Concrete we specialize in providing high performance "SuperFlat Floor" solutions when concrete flooring construction is required for:

•In floor wire guided forklift trucks

•Freezer Slabs placed on StyroFoam requiring high FF/FL tolerances

•F min specification for uses such as "Robotic Stacking Machines"

•VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) defined traffic floors

*General  Warehousing requiring FF 40 FL 20 and better flooring


All the above require a very level and flat finished concrete floor and we have the experience and knowledge to exceed your requirements









Super Flat Clientele

-Costco Distribution/Retail

-Walmart Distribution/Retail

-Home Depot Distribution/Retail

-Lowes Distribution Centre

-Canadian Tire Distribution/Retail

-Target USA Distribution

-Loblaws Superstore Distribution

-Brick Furniture Distribution Centre

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