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Environmental Impact

Eco-Friendly Concrete Pumping

At Dynamic Concrete Pumping, we believe that our company should have the lowest environmental impact possible. After all, we only have one Earth, and we want to keep it safe. That’s why we focus on environmental concrete pumping practices that lower our carbon footprint. What is concrete pumping? It is a method of transferring concrete in its liquid state to the areas you need it on a construction site, and our methods set the environmental standard for the concrete pumping industry. We use several approaches to greener concrete pumping such as:

Sustainable Fish Friendly Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic fluids allow energy to transfer in heavy-duty vehicles like concrete pumps. They power sturdy equipment that gets the job done. We wanted this vital component to have eco-friendly qualities because we use it to run our vehicles every day. So, we use Chevron Clarity® Hydraulic Oil in all our equipment.

Clarity Hydraulic Oil offers the performance of high-quality hydraulic oils, but like vegetable-based products, it remains inherently biodegradable. After we finish using it, it naturally degrades by 39 percent in just 28 days. However, it stays stable enough to withstand high-pressure applications like concrete pumping. We don’t need to give up quality for sustainability.

Discharge Concrete Recycling

After we pump your concrete, we have leftover materials and process water in the equipment. Due to the way concrete works, we must clean out the equipment after every job. We offer a green alternative to dumping waste concrete on-site, or otherwise. We have found other recycled concrete uses by utilizing a combination of BIBKO and ALAR equipment in our state of the art Calgary facility.

Our concrete reclaimer separates the water and cement components allowing 100% re-purposing. Our state of the art wash bay is used to clean all of our equipment. At the same time, our machines break the leftover slurry down into reusable materials. This process not only saves time, but it also makes our business more sustainable, creating a zero discharge to the environment.

More Services From Dynamic Concrete Pumping

After we pump your concrete, we can also offer other services, such as:

No matter what kind of help you ask for, we’ll exceed your expectations and keep our environmental impact minimal. 

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