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We Offer A Variety Of Commercial Concrete Services

With a wide variety of services. Dynamic Concrete is the contractors choice when it comes to completing a project on time, while exceeding the expected requirements.

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Commercial Concrete Services

Dynamic Concrete Pumping, Inc. is a leading company offering concrete pumping services in Alberta and all across Canada. Our certified team of professionals has the experience and technical expertise to provide efficient solutions for virtually every type of pumping, placing and finishing, grinding and polishing and superflat floor applications. From our impressive fleet of equipment to our commitment to customer service and track-record for success, we strive to be your first choice for concrete pumping services in Calgary, Edmonton and all throughout our territory.

Concrete Pumping & Pouring Services

We are a full-service concrete pumping and placing company with the broad capabilities to support your project demands. Our highly trained employees utilize cutting-edge equipment and techniques to deliver improved quality results while using less time and money. Whether you have high volume applications that call for thousands of cubic meters per day or need a versatile solution for pouring on a high-rise project, we’ll get the job done safely and economically with our certified operators as required by Alberta OH+S regulations.

Placing and Finishing Services

Our skilled cement masons offer superior placing and finishing services for a broad range of commercial and industrial construction projects. We call on the latest tools and technology to maximize efficiency and provide high tolerance concrete finishing. In addition to large slab on grade pours, we also offer exterior placing as well as for footings,, slab on grade, suspended slabs, q-decks, footings, raft slabs, bridge decks, walls, columns, and much more.

Superflat Floor Services

When you’re looking for a concrete pumping service provider that’s able to deliver exceptionally level and flat floors, we guarantee the success of your project. We utilize the latest models of laser screeds and measuring devices to place and finish concrete with F-Min tolerances. We also provide “high performance” floor formwork that includes superflat and steel fiber concrete rebar as well as placing and finishing and FF/FL floor flatness testing.

Soffcut Concrete Pumping Services

Commercial building contractors from Alberta to Saskatchewan and British Columbia rely on us for soffcut services. Our professional operators use industry standard saws and superior diamond blades to produce impressive results that will meet or exceed your quality standards. Your project will benefit from soffcutting by reducing random cracking of slabs by adding expansion joints.

Grinding and Polishing Services

We are a comprehensive provider of concrete pumping services in Calgary and Edmonton, as well as across Alberta and throughout Canada. Whether you’re resurfacing old and damaged floors or finishing new construction slabs, our experienced work crews will level out uneven sections and provide a smooth finish to your specifications. Our techniques help to seal the concrete to protect it from contaminants and leave it exceptionally hard and easy to clean and maintain.

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Dynamic Concrete Pumping is an industry leader in concrete pouring solutions with over 40 years of experience. We are continually upgrading our equipment and technologies to serve our clients across Canada efficiently. Whether you need concrete pumping services in Saskatchewan or grinding and polishing in Calgary, we’re fully equipped to meet your requirements.

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TwinTec USA Inc.

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