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Super Flat Floors

Super Flat Floorsa Dynamic Concrete Pumping crew working on a superflat floors project

If you have a construction project that calls for superflat floors, it pays to partner with a company with the expertise to get the job done right. Dynamic Concrete Pumping, Inc. is an industry leader in superflat floor services offering everything you need in a single, reliable source. As full-service superflat floor contractors, we provide the broad capabilities to help you complete projects on time and beyond expectations. Being the industry leaders in super flat floors, Dynamic Concrete uses their 40 years of experience to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

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Why Superflat Concrete Floors?

Certain classes of floors are required to meet a more demanding levelness or flatness specification referred to as superflat concrete floors. These high-performance concrete floors are necessary for supporting vehicles such as lift trucks and material handlers working at warehousing and distribution centers. Additional projects where superflat floor slabs are required include stadiums and gymnasiums, production studios, ice rinks, office and industrial buildings and many other applications.

Superflat Floor Construction Specialists

We are the most experienced and dependable source for superflat floors from British Columbia and Saskatchewan to Alberta and beyond. Our skilled and certified boom operators and technicians understand how to pour superflat concrete slabs that meet your specifications. From preparing the site and setting edge forms to using laser screeds and advanced technology to achieve the perfect pour, we’re capable of efficiently handling every aspect of the process.

The superflat floors we install are:


Full-Service Superflat Floor Contractors

a piece of Dynamic Concrete Pumping superflat floor equipment

Dynamic Concrete’s superflat floors division features the most modern and advanced placing and finishing equipment in the industry. Our state-of-the-art laser screed technology makes it possible to pour up to 75,000-square-feet of slab on grade per day while adhering to the highest quality standards. We are continually updating our fleet of equipment to ensure we meet your superflat concrete floors demands safely, quickly and economically.

When General Contractors and owners require “SuperFlat Concrete Floors” they choose Dynamic Concrete because:


A) Dynamic provides a written guarantee that we will meet and or exceed your levelness and flatness specification always. Failure is not an option when pouring concrete and we maintain a 100% customer satisfaction level always

B) Dynamic specializes in the placement of concrete with F-Min tolerances.

C) Dynamic’s 35 years of experience and continued training and education and investments in the latest techniques and equipment provide everyday customers with higher FF/FL performances and better quality concrete floors.

D) Dynamic’s fleet of late model laser screeds ensures we can successfully install pour volumes exceeding 60,000-square-feet per pour per day and when all four screeds are busy we can install in excess of 200,00-square-feet per day.

E) Dynamic uses the latest technology (FF/FL measuring device) superflat profiler. With our Quality Control Team, we can measure our results and track daily pour results and monitor projects on a daily and monthly basis to completion. This provides our customers with flatness records ensuring we continue to provide high performance floors.

F) Dynamic has the industry reputation as the best superflat team and when you combine our extensive knowledge and expertise, we provide solutions to all aspects of “High Performance” concrete floors. Ask us for a reference list but be prepared, it’s a long list.

G) Dynamic can install the formwork required to achieve high tolerance FF/FL and F min flooring.

Dynamic Concrete Pumping employee placing superflat concrete floors

Choose Dynamic Concrete Pumping for Superflat Floors in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Beyond

Trust the superflat floor contractors dedicated to completing projects to your 100% satisfaction. We strive to provide the quality, value and service you require to maximize profitability.

Contact us online for additional details and to request to speak to a knowledgeable, live representative. Our professional team is standing by to answer all your questions and assist in getting started with your projects today.

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Super Flat Clientele

When it comes to Super Flat floors, the following are just a small sample of our clientele that trust Dynamic Concrete with their distribution warehousing flooring needs:

Home Depot, Amazon, Lowes, Canadian Tire, Walmart, IKEA, Costco, Superstore, Bass Pro, Cabelas, The Brick, Home Sense, Hopewell Developments, Remington Developments, Western Asset Management, Tribal Intermodel, Scott Builders, Dawson Wallace

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At Dynamic Concrete we specialize in providing high performance “SuperFlat Floor” solutions when concrete flooring construction is required for:

  • In floor wire guided forklift trucks
  • Freezer Slabs placed on StyroFoam requiring high FF/FL tolerances
  • F min specification for uses such as “Robotic Stacking Machines”
  • VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) defined traffic floors

*General Warehousing requiring FF 40 FL 20 and better flooring

All the above require a very level and flat finished concrete floor and we have the experience and knowledge to exceed your requirements.


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Dominion Construction

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