Concrete Boom Pump in Action

37-Meter Concrete Pump

37-Meter Concrete Boom Pump

Pumping and pouring concrete on small to medium-size commercial jobs can be labor-intensive and time-consuming without the right equipment. The 37X-4R model 37-meter concrete boom pump is a versatile solution that eliminates the many steps of manually transporting and placing concrete in a lightweight and compact unit that’s highly efficient. The truck-mounted roll and fold style concrete pump is easy to operate and delivers the power and durability for transporting the most challenging mixes and materials.

Our 37-meter concrete boom pumps are ideal for applications that call for high-volume output in low ceiling environments. These pumps also excel when operating close to the truck or in open fields and construction sites. The four-section Z-type boom folds in and out at hinge points for optimal convenience and economy of space and eliminates the continual adjustments and reconfiguring required with a Z-type boom. You benefit from impressive material output and pump pressure resulting in faster delivery of concrete and fewer blockages and build-up that can slow down productivity.

37-meter concrete boom pumps are utilized in a variety of applications, including:

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