Concrete Boom Pump in Action

52-Meter Concrete Pump

52-Meter Concrete Boom Pump

When you take on large-scale commercial or industrial projects that require a great deal of concrete pouring, you’ll need a pumping system that delivers results while keeping up with the rest of construction. That’s where Dynamic Concrete Pumping Inc. enters the picture. We can provide massive 52- and 56-meter concrete boom pumps that allow you to reach basically any space without sacrificing functionality or ease of use.

With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, we’re confident we can assist with your project.

Benefits of 52-Meter Concrete Boom Pumps

Construction projects often have a vast array of moving parts and people who have different responsibilities. Throwing a loud, cumbersome mixing truck into the combination only complicates matters, and it can be highly impractical when you need to institute access ramps and other measures.

Our boom pumps reach to 170 feet and beyond, which means you can reach high areas without worrying about spillage. They also pivot at multiple points to allow for guidance to the appropriate area, and you can swing around to avoid continually repositioning the mounting truck.

A remote operating system makes this task a lot less stressful.

Applications for Large Boom Pumps

Constructing new buildings often necessitates two primary things: cost-efficiency and speed. Boom pumps allow you to meet both of those requirements without sacrificing quality. Pumps require significantly less human resources than mixing trucks, which means you can allocate people to other tasks and cut down on labor costs.

If you’re building a new store, stadium or another kind of business, meeting the timeline and the budget specifications will mutually benefit both you and the business owner.

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