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How to Clean Polished Concrete Floors

How to Clean Polished Concrete Floors

Posted By:Dynamic Concrete Pumping , Date: May 19, 2021

How to Clean Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete is a popular choice for commercial flooring, as surfaces call for little maintenance throughout the year. While carpets and hardwood floors are prone to wear and tear, polished concrete solutions hold their shape, color and shine when using the correct tools and cleaners. Professional contractors often recommend polished concrete for high-traffic locations due to the fact that installations are extremely durable and outlast other flooring options.

Cleaning polished concrete floors is straightforward, but there are a few key concepts to remember to prevent scratches, stains and fading.

Supplies Needed to Clean Polished Concrete Floors

If possible, speak to your concrete floor installer about which cleaning solutions are appropriate. Cleaning liquids that contain ammonia, bleach or acidic ingredients will degrade finishes on concrete. Maintaining polished concrete floors will require you to perform dry and wet mopping procedures based on your applications.

You need the following materials to keep indoor surfaces in pristine condition:

  • Dust mop (with microfiber pad)
  • Wet mop (with microfiber pad)
  • Cleaning buckets
  • Warm water
  • Mild liquid cleaner (pH-neutral)

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Process for Cleaning Polished Concrete Floors

A huge benefit of polished concrete floors is that they do not require waxing. Many times, a bucket of clean water and a wet mop are enough to clear spills, dirt and contaminants, but an occasional deep clean is effective to prolong the life of indoor surfaces. Follow these steps to thoroughly clean polished concrete floors:

  1. Use a dry dust mop to collect loose particles of dirt and grime.
  2. Fill one cleaning bucket with warm water.
  3. Add the recommended amount of pH-neutral liquid cleaner.
  4. Switch to a wet mop and submerge the microfiber pad in the bucket.
  5. Wring out excess liquid from the mop.
  6. Apply the mixture to polished concrete floors and let it sit for a few moments.
  7. Before the cleaning solution dries, spread the mixture back and forth using a wet mop.
  8. Read cleaning solution instructions to determine if a final rinse is in order.

For desirable results, work in small areas. An automatic scrubber with a microfiber pad is effective to cover large commercial floors.

How Often Should I Clean Polished Concrete Floors?

Creating a maintenance schedule for polished concrete floors ensures surfaces keep their glossy appearance. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to indoor concrete floor maintenance, but dust mopping can be performed daily. This process eliminates buildups that could result in employees slipping or falling.

How often you clean with liquid solutions will depend on your level of foot traffic. Generally, pH-neutral solutions should be applied once each week, but some commercial settings can go as long as one month before enough dirt accumulates for a deep clean.

A bucket of warm water and a wet mop are ideal for sudden cleanups. From drink spills to roof leaks, this method clears puddles and sticky residues quickly.

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