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4 Reasons to Hire an Expert for Concrete Leveling

4 Reasons to Hire an Expert for Concrete Leveling

Posted By:Dynamic Concrete Pumping , Date: Jun 10, 2022

reasons to hire an expert for concrete leveling

If you need to correct uneven concrete, working with a concrete expert is a must. Whether you need to install superflat floors to meet performance requirements or you’re looking for a way to fix a sagging patio, hiring concrete professionals is essential for ensuring a quality result.

In this post, we’ll explain precisely why partnering with a reliable concrete leveling company near you is so crucial. We’ll also provide some helpful tips for choosing the best concrete company so you can go into the process with confidence.

What Is Concrete Leveling?

Concrete floors sometimes settle over time, leading to uneven surfaces and weakened foundations. Common causes of concrete settling include:

  • Soil expanding and contracting due to fluctuating moisture levels
  • Soil erosion due to improper drainage
  • Tree roots lifting and potentially breaking through concrete slabs
  • Poor structure design that directs water toward building foundations

Leveling concrete is often necessary for creating superflat floors, which is a class of high-performance concrete flooring required to meet more stringent flatness and levelness specifications. Sometimes called slabjacking, this procedure aims to correct uneven concrete surfaces by fixing the foundation underneath. There are two methods you can use to level concrete — mudjacking and polyjacking.

Here’s how mudjacking works:

  1. The contractor drills small holes around one to two inches in diameter into the affected concrete.
  2. A thick limestone slurry is then hydraulically pumped into the holes.
  3. The limestone slurry fills any voids present in the concrete and lifts the slab back into place.
  4. The holes are filled using a non-shrink grout that matches the concrete color.

Polyjacking is a similar process but uses a lightweight expanding foam to lift the slab rather than a limestone slurry. This method is also slightly less invasive because it requires even smaller holes than mudjacking. Both methods are ultimately effective, but some applications work with one better than the other.

concrete professionals likely have worked on diverse projects

Why You Should Hire an Expert for Concrete Leveling

When you want something done right, you go to the best person for the job. Here are the top four reasons you should do the same for your concrete leveling project:

1. Experience

Working with concrete is a more complex job than most outside the industry realize. Concrete experts have years of training and industry experience under their belts, which informs how they approach a project. When you know what you’re getting into, you’re better equipped to produce good work.

Concrete professionals likely have worked on diverse projects, so they know how to handle concrete in many different applications and settings. This extensive experience also lends them an awareness of the necessary safety precautions and other extra measures involved in handling projects.

2. Work Quality

An experienced professional can provide high-quality work with a quicker turnaround. Professionalism is crucial to taking on any job, and this is especially true when it comes to complex projects — a good contractor will be well-trained in customer service in addition to the ins and outs of handling concrete, enabling them to address all your concerns quickly and competently.

Enlisting the help of professional concrete leveling services ensures the job will get done with the utmost care and quality in mind, regardless of your project’s scope and location.

3. Proper Tools

If you attempt to perform concrete leveling yourself, you’ll have to rent or purchase the tools and materials needed for the job. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you might end up with tools ill-matched to the task. You’ll also have to learn how to use them, which can take a significant amount of time.

A professional concrete contractor should always have the necessary equipment for your task. From simple handheld tools to laser screeds and other advanced technology, concrete experts carry an expansive toolbox that allows them to tackle any project effortlessly.

4. Savings

While performing concrete leveling yourself may seem like a quicker, cheaper idea, you’ll likely save more money by hiring a professional. If you’re new to working with concrete, you’re likely to make mistakes that will cost you later, but a professional will do the job right the first time.

Because professional concrete contractors come prepared with an array of tools and materials, they take that expense out of your hands. Additionally, a concrete professional will get the job done quickly, saving precious time on complicated processes that would have taken you much longer.

Their familiarity with the legal and technical aspects of the job allows concrete contractors to quickly solve potential issues before they arise, eliminating the need to go back and revisit important steps. You’ll be able to use your level concrete surface much quicker, enabling you to get back to business on a much tighter timeline than if you attempted to complete the project yourself.

How to Choose a Concrete Leveling Company

To get the full benefits of working with an expert, you’ll need to find a concrete company you can trust. So before making any final decisions, conduct thorough research of any company you’re considering.

Consider the following while evaluating different companies:

  • Trustworthy reputation: Read through online reviews and testimonials on the company’s website to get a feel for the quality of work you can expect.
  • Quality customer service: You can get a good sense of a company’s commitment to customer service by reaching out and asking questions about their services or by requesting a quote. A prompt response and clear communication are signs of a dependable business.
  • Proper insurance and licenses: Make sure your contractor has the right licenses, insurance coverage and certifications to perform work in your area. A company may have the right expertise and tools for a project, but without legal approval, you may find yourself running into trouble during the job.
  • Estimated cost: Of course, the estimated cost you get from the contractor will play a major part in which company you ultimately choose to work with. A good concrete leveling company will provide a comprehensive, clear, easy-to-understand estimate that breaks down every factor in deciding the cost.

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