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What Is Stained Concrete?

What Is Stained Concrete?

Posted By:Dynamic Concrete Pumping , Date: Apr 7, 2020

What is Stained Concrete?

The concept of staining concrete is similar to altering the color of materials such as wood. Instead of creating an opaque surface through paint, staining provides several hues and tones for concrete through different solutions and techniques. Practice makes perfect when staining concrete, and home and business owners can master the art of creating concrete textures that resemble the shades of natural stone, leather, marble and wood.

Concrete is extremely absorbent, which allows a property owner to stain almost any color imaginable. Dynamic Concrete Pumping is here to explain how your team can update the look of any landscape with staining.

Types of Concrete Staining

The first thing to consider when staining is deciding the base for your solution. Stains designed for concrete fall into two categories โ€” acid stains and water-based stains.

Acid stains are typically made up of inorganic metallic salts, hydrochloric acid and water. The stains absorb into the surface of concrete for a reaction with calcium hydroxide to form a bond. Acid staining offers deep color tones of tans, browns, blues and greens with marbling effects.

Water-based stains are non-reactive and exist as a mixture of acrylic polymers and pigments. These stains fill the pores on the surface of concrete for a wider spectrum of colors including translucent and opaque finishes. Generally, water-based solutions are more consistent as they don’t involve reactions in the concrete and are free of solvents and acids.

Both types of concrete staining are ideal for rejuvenating dull surfaces inside and outside. A home or business concrete staining project may include the following applications:

  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Garage flooring
  • Indoor flooring
  • Countertops
  • Walls
  • Around fireplaces

Should You Stain Concrete?

Staining concrete indoors and outdoors is a great idea if you want to enhance property surfaces. These improvement projects are affordable โ€” about $2 per square foot โ€” and allow you to create custom colors for interior and exterior concrete. No two surfaces ever look the same due to the character of concrete, so homes and businesses have a look of their own.

Acid and water-based stains can easily get applied to old and new concrete. You have the chance to match features of a property to concrete stains varying from earth tones to a full palette spectrum.

Tips for Staining Concrete

Remember, you can only stain concrete as long as you can reach the surface pores. Prepare concrete surfaces for staining by eliminating dirt, residues and any grime that can prevent staining contact. Complete surface preparation by mechanical grinding or using concrete cleaning solutions and degreasers.

When you are ready to apply your stain, mask off areas you want to protect with tape. Pay close attention to manufacturing instructions to dilute staining coats to color preference. Apply coats via sprays or brushes, and allow the stain to dry for about 24 hours.

You can repeat the staining process until you are content with the hues. After the stain is completely dry, you want to rinse the surface with water until runoff turns clear. If necessary, loosen any leftover staining with a brush, conduct a final rinse, let the surface completely dry once more and apply a protective coat sealer of choice.

Consider the following information when staining concrete surfaces:

  • Staining will not hide cracks or concrete damage
  • Liquid solutions will change in color once you apply to concrete
  • Color is long-lasting, so make sure you are happy with it by staining a small “test” section first
  • Stain colors are more intense with newer concrete surfaces
  • Variations in color are normal during the staining process

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